When H&R Block needed a quick and easy solution to comply with Privacy Regulations or face big fines, here is what THEY used...

These File Locking Bars are the most popular filing cabinet locks on the market for a reason. It doesn't matter if you are a big company, a small company, or just need to secure your files at home from prying eyes; you all asked us for the same things. You wanted a file cabinet lock that would be easy to install, built tough, and backed by a company you can rely on.

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    • Locks file cabinets that do not have a built-in lock.
    • Replaces a built-in lock that you have lost the keys to.
    • Provides a second layer of security to an existing built-in lock.

    • HIPAA
    • Sarbanes-Oxley
    • PCI Compliance
    • Red Flags Rules

    and a host of other laws out there


    • File Bar
    • Self-tapping sheet metal screws
    • Cobalt drill bit
    • Padlock is NOT included unless you chose to add a padlock above.  If using your own padlock, the minimum recommended size is 30mm.

The 4 things you Need to Know Before Buying a File Locking Bar for your Filing Cabinet

1. Is it Easy to Install?

There is quite a difference in the way different file cabinet locks are installed, and you don't want it to cost you more in your valuable time than the lock cost you in the first place. I'm going to SHOW you just how easy it is to install our file cabinet lock, but first, here are just a couple of comments from our thousands of happy clients to tell you just how easy it is:

"A cost-effective, easy way to make our files more secure and still easy for my staff to get into. Rapid delivery and easy installation."

"It arrived promptly and was easy to install. It's a good heavy weight and feels very secure. Originally, I was looking for the type that slides down the handles but that type was almost double the price and then you'd be installing and removing it each day. This is easy to open and close and you never have to store it during work hours - it stays attached. We would definitely buy this product in the future. We also bought the padlock by the same manufacturer that was recommended. It has a heavy and secure feel to it also."

But if you don't believe them, let me show you myself! This video shows you how the locking bar works, how to decide which side of the filing cabinet to put it on, then how to install it. It takes less than 5 minutes to install the locking bar, but if you only want to see how the file locking bar works for now, you can just watch the first couple minutes of the video.

2. Does it FIT your Filing Cabinets?

There is nothing more frustrating than buying something and not knowing for certain if it will fit, even if returning the product IS easy. Let's take care of that right now! Our file bar works on all file cabinets with recessed drawers (both lateral and vertical file cabinets).  Purchase the bar length that covers at least a portion of the top and bottom drawers, but not longer than your cabinet.


The file locking bar attaches to the small strip of the cabinet that is NEXT TO the drawer, shown in this picture. It can attach to either the left or right side of the cabinet. You must have 1/2" of frame to attach the bar to.

File cabinet frame

If your file cabinet drawers go all the way to the edge like in this picture, then there is nowhere to attach the bar. Please see our refrigerator lock kits which can 'double' as a drawer lock!

File cabinet no frame


Oh, and don't worry about it getting in the way of the file cabinet next to it. When it is unlocked, it swings open to fit neatly in the space between so that the drawers on both filing cabinets can open without obstruction.

3. Is it Well Built?

To make sure that the file locking bar can't be pried off, we use only heavy duty 16 gage formed steel. By making the security device much stronger than the cabinet it is attached to, you would literally have to rip the side of your file cabinet off before you would bend the locking bar!

It even complies with the NISPOM government standards for the protection of classified information!

4. Is it Easy to Use?

With some locking bars, you have to find a place to store them during the day. Not these! With ours, it stays attached and just easily swings out of the way.


Using the file bar is simple. While the file locking bar is open, one of the center hinges is spring-loaded so it is held open and won't accidentally close and interfere with your drawer opening.

When the file bar is open, it does NOT interfere with the drawers on the adjoining file cabinet.


Closing and Locking the File Locking Bar

Lift up the handle on the front of the locking bar

Close the bar. The padlock hole is blocked until you lower the handle.

Push the handle down, locking the cover onto the hinges.

The padlock hole is now open and ready for the padlock.

Insert a padlock with a minimum 3/16" diameter shackle through the hole. (maximum shackle diameter: 9/32")

Your files are now secure!

  • It Simply Works
  • Easy to install
  • Fits all standard file cabinets
  • Solid and Secure Construction
  • Easy to use

Our clients continually choose our file locking bar over our competitors' because it meets these important needs so well.

If you have any questions at all, please call us right away at (800) 466-7636.