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 About FileLockingBar.com, A Division of Computer Security Products


The File Locking Bar division of Computer Security Products specializes exclusively on protecting your paper files against unauthorized access.  These bars help you adhere to many compliance laws you are subject to.

Computer Security Products has been in the security field for over 25 years and leads the way in physical security for computers, laptops, and other IT equipment. Adding in products to deal with privacy issues was a natural progression of our company. Today, companies need to deal with all types of privacy issues. Some of these can be filled with software type solutions, some can't. Securing your paper files within a file cabinet is a physical problem. These bars fill that void and take another worry off your plate.

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Please give us a call at (800) 466-7636 with any questions, advice, or solutions you may need for physically securing your equipment and data.

If you are looking for just a padlock, visit www.1st-in-Padlocks.com for a wide selection of padlocks from top brands MasterLock and ABUS.


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